How You Can Help….

Join our mission to promote these three important causes:

  • Improve options in mobility support for dogs affected by age, condition, or injury
  • Prevent dog deaths in cars
  • Strengthen and sustain the connection with your pup through their sunset years.

Three Ways You Can Help…

1.  Join the Mobility Support for Dogs FB Group or Contact Us and share your story about having limited options for your dog’s mobility challenges. When we reach 2,500 stories, we’ll partner with engineering companies to co-develop robotic support frames to improve mobility in dogs.


2.  Commit to keeping your dogs safe and cool in cars. Build your own temperature sensor using our open-source software instructions (Coming soon) (or simply purchase one from our Shop), and convert the interior of your car to prevent dogs from overheating. Remember:  When in doubt, love them by leaving them home.

3.  Make a purchase in our Shop. The majority of proceeds go toward research and development of products and collaborations that support our Causes, and a portion goes toward sustaining cool items for the Shop to keep us “marching the mission.” Shop