Year-round CoPilot

Don’t risk your dog’s life by leaving them in a car where temperatures could climb dangerously high in a short amount of time. Dogs just want to go too, but they rely on us to keep them safe.

We spent a lot of time and research on a DIY system that keeps dogs cool inside a car so you won’t have to. There are two primary components:  a temperature sensor to remotely monitor the inside car temperature, and outfitting your car with a cooler and partitions to maintain a comfortable temperature (<75 degrees F) for several hours- without running your engine, even in summer.

We took away the guesswork for you, but not the effort or responsibility. Remember, if you think it could get too warm for your pup in the car, love them by leaving them at home.

Takara traveled with me in the car everyday without fail for 21 months, even during summer. Here are the critical materials, equipment, and considerations so you can do it too.

DIY Car Setup Instructions

How You Can Help…

Refuse to allow one more dog death due to overheating in a car. Download our instructions to build your own temperature sensor, or purchase one from our shop. (Coming soon)

When we reach 5000 downloads and temperature sensor purchases, we’ll work with leading car manufacturers to make automatic interior temperature control and monitoring for pets and kids a standard feature in cars.

  • Download OSS instructions (Coming Soon)
  • Shop temperature sensors (Coming Soon)
  • Download cooler car conversion tips (Coming Soon)
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